What's In a Name?

Have you ever wondered how Wall Street or Canal Street got their name?  Well there's some logical and clear reasons why, but that's just the tip off the iceberg with street names.  NYCGO.com wrote a great story explain the history of the more popular Manhattan street names and their origins.  

Wall Street - A wall was built in this location by one of the early Dutch settlers, Peter Stuyvesant

Broadway - One of the oldest streets in Manhattan, it stretches from the southern tip of Manhattan and all the way up the island and beyond into the Bronx and continues for another 18 miles north.  I've also read that Broadway was once referred to a Bloomingdale after the Bloomingdale family who owned Bloomindales department store.  They would travel that road to their country home in upper Manhattan.

Learn about the organ of these street names plus many more.  


HistoryDavid Bonavita