Turn Your Instagrams into Art

We all love to take Instagrams every day and share them with our friends, family, and well basically the world.  Every once in a while we even impress ourselves with the rare Instagram that we took and think it belongs at the MoMA, but let's be real... that's not likely going to happen.  So why not display it at home or at your office.  A few years ago I did that after a trip to Venice, Italy.   There were two particular photos that I posted to Instagram and then turned into canvas art.  The photo is printed onto framed canvas and has a special gallery/museum quality to it.  They've been hanging in my apartment ever since and looking at them daily takes me back to the special trip in Venice and that moment where I still remember taking those photos.  Thats the great thing about vacations, they're experiences... and we try to capture those experiences in photos which are often then lost in our vast mobile phone photo gallery.  Creating physical pieces from a select few photos is a great way to keep those memories and experiences fresh and alive.

My favorite site for this purpose is Social Print Studio.  I've made fridge magnets, mini squares (which are reminiscent of Polaroids), and canvas prints.  One of my favorites was an Instagram photo I had of my dog put into a frame made out of reclaimed barn wood which is called a "Santa Cruz Frame".

David Bonavita